Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Where would I like to be?

You'll never guess where I went today!!!!
A travel agent's.

I'm going back home.

I was born, several years ago now, in China.
And this morning, Chris and I went into a big shop
and met a man called John, who is a
"travel agent."

He spent ages on the computer,
then Chris gave him some money,
(well, it was a bit of plastic, but they seemed to
think it was money), and we went home
(to our house.)

Chris says that we're going to go to King Kong
and China. I know about China, of course,
but I kind of thought King Kong was a
relation of Bongo's. Must have got that wrong.

I was a little bit worried, because I quite like
living in Didcot, but Chris has promised to
bring me back after our visit.

I can't wait! It's where I really want to be!


  1. Comenius that is amazing, you are going back to China, I wonder if you will meet any relatives there!
    I am glad Chris is bringing you back though as I would miss you if you stayed,
    I don't like the sound of that King Kong place, maybe stay in Chris's bag whilst she is there just in case!

  2. What a big adventure you are going to have. I think you will need a passport though. You might have to ask Monkey about that.Quack quack

  3. Lucky you going on an adventure! Hope you have fun! Send us a postcard! Hedgie x

  4. Wow how exciting to be going back to your 'roots'- another funny human word LOL!!
    So pleased to hear it is only a holiday and you will be still livng in Didcott
    Love Clemmie xx

  5. Wow how exciting for you I will really miss you though even if it is only a holiday! Have you got your passport sorted out and mum says you'll need a suitcase? Have you got one? I'm really not liking the sound of this King Kong though!!! Curly xx