Friday, 8 January 2010

Today I learned that . . . . .

Today I learned that it was
Chris' birthday. I wasn't
sure what that meant, but
the pile of presents and
number of texts and phonecalls
showed me that it was important.

Today I learned that if I ask nicely
she'll make me some clothes.
And I learned that
that little pink box prints out
photos of me
(and of Hannah and Daniel,
whoever they are!)

And just as I thought that my brain would burst from all the new things I'd learned, she showed me how to change photos on the computer. Wow!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your human, Chris! You have learnt a lot today, hope your poor brain isn't frazzled! Hedgie x

  2. Yes, Happy birthday to Chris - I am sure you helped her have a lovely day. You have certained learnt a lot today, and I love your hat and scarf - the colour really suits you. Reminds me of bananas.... yummy. Monkey x

  3. Oooh changing pictures on the computer!! That's quite technical!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chris, I hope that you have made sure that she had a lovely day Comenius.
    It certainly looks like she had some lovely presents.
    You certainly had a busy day learning things, I hope that you remember everything.
    Chris must be a great teacher.

  5. Happy Birthday to Chris. Claire tells me that all the best people have their birthdays in January - so Chris must be very special.
    You probably needed a good lie down after learning so much.
    Love Pamela x

  6. Wow Happy birthday to Chris. Looks like she had a lot of new things. See you learnt a lot as well and I love that scarf and hat- just my colour.

  7. Oh Comenius, I missed Chris's birthday! Did you have birthday cake? I see you got a yellow party hat to wear :)
    Wow how is the brain? You have learnt so much in such a short time!
    Actually I am writing to you to ask if you have any relations called Grizzly or Brown in Montana? They look very scarey but you don't! I do hope you know some?
    I await your reply
    A very scared Clemmie xx

  8. OH No my mum is really sad she forgot your humans birthday and she's very very sorry! Hope you helped her have a great day! Hugs

  9. Clemmie, I'm so sorry I didn't reply. My human has been hibernating (that's something she learned from me!) I'll make sure she wakes up - a cold facecloth should do! I think my uncle George lives in Montana - he's a sweety. If you meet him, please ask him to find a phone and ring me!
    Lots of beary hugs,