Monday, 4 January 2010

Pleased to meet you!

Hi! Pleased to meet you. My name is Comenius Bear, and I'd like to tell you something about myself.

I've been living with Chris for about 7 years now, and as a cub I travelled lots. My first trip was to Malaga, to visit a Spanish school and learn about Spain. Somewhere this disorganised friend of mine has photos of me at the Alhambra in Grenada, but guess what? She can't find them.

We're luckier, though, with my second trip. I went to Denmark, again to a school (can you guess what Chris used to do for a living?) and met friends from other countries. We had great fun playing at Hogwarts, and exploring a Viking village!

Today I was looking forward to a pleasant day of retirement, just the same as every other day (bit boring, to be honest), when I was rudely picked up and taken outside. And without a coat!!!! It may look pretty, but it's seriously cold out there. I was glad I had my winter fur.


  1. Hello I'm sooooo glad to meet you I hope you'll get your human to come on our 365 thread and join in with the rest of us toys who are playing this year.

  2. Great to meet you Comenius, you have certainly travelled alot already. I hope you have an exciting year :o)

  3. Wow you are a bear of the world! You've seen so much already!!

  4. Hi Comenius glad to meet you, you have certainly travelled around. hope you are going to enjoy this year of more adventures.

  5. Hi Comenius that was a surprise for me tonight to find another friend, where have you been lurking since retirement?
    Lynne talked about this decoration lark tomorrow, not sure if this isn't DIY???