Monday, 18 January 2010

Can you guess what I did today?
I went to school. It's a long time since I did that,
and I realised that some of the children knew much
more than I did. So I practised my numbers
(counting down from 4, which is quite difficult
when you don't have any fingers!), and read some books.
We were so good and worked so hard
that Chris let us play for 15 minutes at the end
of the day. I played with Polydron, which is great!!!
Got to go now, but I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow.


  1. Good to sse that you have had another fun day Comenius.
    I have never been to school so I will have to ask you all about it when I see you on Friday.
    That polydron thing looks very interesting but a bit complicated to play with!!!!

  2. Glad you were allowed a little play time at the end of school. Those toys look very exciting. I know what you mean about having no fingers. Quack quack.

  3. Wow it looks like you had a great day. Joe took me to pre-school yesterday - but I spent all but 5 minutes inside his dark show bag in the cold cloakroom! I was not a happy chappy. Monkey x

  4. That school place looked interesting and I am wondering if that is where I should go with my small pencils to learn to write?
    Why did you go to school? Does chris have small children in her house?
    Love Clemmie xxx

  5. Hi, Clemmie. I asked Chris why we were going to school, and she said it was so we cold go to China. She's taking me back home!!!! (That's where I came from.)

    I hope she doesn't leave me there.
    Love, Comenius

  6. School, never heard of that, but I can relate to the no fingers bit! Off to ask Nana about that school thing now! Hedgie x