Thursday, 7 January 2010

Flying kites!

Well, that was a good day
-beautiful sun, snow and
a walk. Of course, it was cold,
but I snuggled up in the pocket
of Chris' fleece -felt a bit
seasick at times, but warm.

As we were going out, I noticed
she had two cameras with her.
When I asked why, she said
we were going to the kite tree.

Now, I know about kites. We
flew one when we were in Denmark,
but it didn't seem quite the weather for it.
She explained though, that kites were birds.

So I climbed a tree to
have a better look for one.
I was very thrilled to find one:

but she said it wasn't big enough.
After a while I saw another. This one was very noisy, but apparently it was too big:

We waited around for what seemed like hours, and in the end one came within `shooting` distance. (When she said that, I was worried for a minute, but she meant with the camera!) To me it didn't look much bigger than the noisy one, but she was happy.

I was glad I was hidden in the fleece pocket, though. It did look a bit hungry!

Speak to you soon,

Comenius xxx


  1. Oh yes don't get gobbled up by a bird just as we are getting to know you. These pesky cameras get on your pip don't they? Always being shoved in your face

    Love Pamela x

  2. You look like you are a pretty good climber to me. Maybe we could swing through a few trees together when it gets warmer.
    Glad you were well hidden in Chris's pocket, that kite looks pretty big to me!

  3. You were brave to climb the tree! Lucky that kite didn;t see you or you'd have been birdfood!!!

  4. Well done on climbing that tree with all the white stuff about. Glad you weren't gobbled up as Pamela said.

  5. wow great shot of that beautiful bird, glad he didn't find you and think you were fit to eat