Friday, 19 February 2010

Hi, all. Sorry I haven't talked to you for ages. No excuses!

Anyway, I've been busy, and have been thinking about all sorts of things, and meeting lots of new toys and people. So here are some pictures.

Emily is very new!

I have been trying out a few jobs. I did like working in a pub!!!!

I'd quite like to be a travel agent too, just as long as I could visit exciting places.
I do hope you are all happy and healthy.
I'm off to Spain tomorrow, so I should have some more photos to show you when I get back.
Lots of love to you all,


  1. Hi Comenius

    Hope you have a lovely holiday. I have missed you and thought you weren't playing anymore

    Love Pamela x

  2. Hello Comenius, nice to see what you have been up to. Have a great holiday! Monkey x

  3. Comenius - so nice to see what you have been up to. Have a really great time in Spain. I have been there but it rained all the time!!! Hope you get sunshine.

  4. Fab piccy's Comenius have a really great time in Spain can't wait to see you when you're back home.

  5. Great to see you the other night Comenius.
    Have a brillinat time in Spain, look forward to seeing what you get up to.

  6. Oh hi Comenius I like the photo we had taken together last week!
    So you too are off on holiday! not sure where Spain is but I am sure you will have a geat time I love holidays :)
    love Clemmie xx

  7. Busy busy bear! My Grandpa likes that Guiness stuff, can't say I was enamoured! Luv Hedgie x