Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hi, everyone. thank you for all the messages.

I wouldn't desert you,
just was a bit busy.

This is a picture Chris took in Spain.
We had lovely weather (though I did
keep my scarf on just in case).

I did lots of walking,
and climbed a mountain
(well, the car did!)
Here are some more pictures:

Off on holiday again tomorrow.
Will be in touch when I get back.
Lots of love,

Friday, 19 February 2010

Hi, all. Sorry I haven't talked to you for ages. No excuses!

Anyway, I've been busy, and have been thinking about all sorts of things, and meeting lots of new toys and people. So here are some pictures.

Emily is very new!

I have been trying out a few jobs. I did like working in a pub!!!!

I'd quite like to be a travel agent too, just as long as I could visit exciting places.
I do hope you are all happy and healthy.
I'm off to Spain tomorrow, so I should have some more photos to show you when I get back.
Lots of love to you all,

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Where would I like to be?

You'll never guess where I went today!!!!
A travel agent's.

I'm going back home.

I was born, several years ago now, in China.
And this morning, Chris and I went into a big shop
and met a man called John, who is a
"travel agent."

He spent ages on the computer,
then Chris gave him some money,
(well, it was a bit of plastic, but they seemed to
think it was money), and we went home
(to our house.)

Chris says that we're going to go to King Kong
and China. I know about China, of course,
but I kind of thought King Kong was a
relation of Bongo's. Must have got that wrong.

I was a little bit worried, because I quite like
living in Didcot, but Chris has promised to
bring me back after our visit.

I can't wait! It's where I really want to be!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Can you guess what I did today?
I went to school. It's a long time since I did that,
and I realised that some of the children knew much
more than I did. So I practised my numbers
(counting down from 4, which is quite difficult
when you don't have any fingers!), and read some books.
We were so good and worked so hard
that Chris let us play for 15 minutes at the end
of the day. I played with Polydron, which is great!!!
Got to go now, but I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Out of hibernation -at last!

Hi, everyone. At last I've managed to wake Chris up after her hibernation - I thought that was just for bears!! We have done a few things, some I've been really pleased about, and one or two a bit scary. So I'll show you some pictures first . . . . (Sorry, Clemmie, I've left a message to you in the last lot of comments)

As you can see, some friends came round to play. I've known them a long time, and it's good to catch up.

I've also been learning to read - thought it'd be useful when I want to look at the dic, um, diksh, you know- that big book that tells you hard words.

Today has been very exciting. I was a bit scared - I'm sometimes nervous about meeting new people - but I had such a great time with Bongo and Curly that I forgot I hadn't met them before. And do you know, Pamela, I think I might be beginning to understand that love thing - but don't tell Curly!!!

We watched the humans playing with paper for a bit, but then we decided to have an ADVENTURE!!!! (Actually it was my idea, and I think it was a good one.

When they weren't looking, we crept outside,
and found a playground. It had a seesaw,
and a slide, and some bouncy things.
We weren't heavy enough to bounce,
but the slide was fun.

Chris' photos weren't very good though,
we were too fast for her!

When we got in, nobody seemed to have noticed we'd been out. We thought about going out again, but then I found the chocolate biscuits. Don't think the ladies had noticed them, there were lots still there, so I helped myself!

Well, Chris seems to think it's my bedtime. I'll wrap myself in my new quilt (did you notice it?) and talk to you again tomorrow.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Today I learned that . . . . .

Today I learned that it was
Chris' birthday. I wasn't
sure what that meant, but
the pile of presents and
number of texts and phonecalls
showed me that it was important.

Today I learned that if I ask nicely
she'll make me some clothes.
And I learned that
that little pink box prints out
photos of me
(and of Hannah and Daniel,
whoever they are!)

And just as I thought that my brain would burst from all the new things I'd learned, she showed me how to change photos on the computer. Wow!!!!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Flying kites!

Well, that was a good day
-beautiful sun, snow and
a walk. Of course, it was cold,
but I snuggled up in the pocket
of Chris' fleece -felt a bit
seasick at times, but warm.

As we were going out, I noticed
she had two cameras with her.
When I asked why, she said
we were going to the kite tree.

Now, I know about kites. We
flew one when we were in Denmark,
but it didn't seem quite the weather for it.
She explained though, that kites were birds.

So I climbed a tree to
have a better look for one.
I was very thrilled to find one:

but she said it wasn't big enough.
After a while I saw another. This one was very noisy, but apparently it was too big:

We waited around for what seemed like hours, and in the end one came within `shooting` distance. (When she said that, I was worried for a minute, but she meant with the camera!) To me it didn't look much bigger than the noisy one, but she was happy.

I was glad I was hidden in the fleece pocket, though. It did look a bit hungry!

Speak to you soon,

Comenius xxx