Sunday, 17 January 2010

Out of hibernation -at last!

Hi, everyone. At last I've managed to wake Chris up after her hibernation - I thought that was just for bears!! We have done a few things, some I've been really pleased about, and one or two a bit scary. So I'll show you some pictures first . . . . (Sorry, Clemmie, I've left a message to you in the last lot of comments)

As you can see, some friends came round to play. I've known them a long time, and it's good to catch up.

I've also been learning to read - thought it'd be useful when I want to look at the dic, um, diksh, you know- that big book that tells you hard words.

Today has been very exciting. I was a bit scared - I'm sometimes nervous about meeting new people - but I had such a great time with Bongo and Curly that I forgot I hadn't met them before. And do you know, Pamela, I think I might be beginning to understand that love thing - but don't tell Curly!!!

We watched the humans playing with paper for a bit, but then we decided to have an ADVENTURE!!!! (Actually it was my idea, and I think it was a good one.

When they weren't looking, we crept outside,
and found a playground. It had a seesaw,
and a slide, and some bouncy things.
We weren't heavy enough to bounce,
but the slide was fun.

Chris' photos weren't very good though,
we were too fast for her!

When we got in, nobody seemed to have noticed we'd been out. We thought about going out again, but then I found the chocolate biscuits. Don't think the ladies had noticed them, there were lots still there, so I helped myself!

Well, Chris seems to think it's my bedtime. I'll wrap myself in my new quilt (did you notice it?) and talk to you again tomorrow.


  1. Good to see you again! You certainly had a busy day today, that slide thing sounds a bit scary, but sort of fun! So glad you got on with your new friends! Hedgie x

  2. Hi there my new friend, we did have fun yesterday didn't we.
    I know what you mean about that Curly she is a cutie isn't she!
    Love the new quilt thingy, I think Shirley does some sewing maybe she will make me one.
    Though I won't hold my breath. LOL
    Looking forward to our next catch soon.

  3. Hi again Comenius. Glad to see you again. Looks like you had a fun time on the slides and a naughty choccie biscuit too. Quilt looks smashing.
    Quack quack xDuckie

  4. Comenius what a lot of mischief you got up to yesterday. Looks great fun. I really cannot wait to meet you all in real life.